Workshop Services

Norton 88, rebuilt ready for use

At SCR Classic Motorcycles, we provide a full range of workshop services from adjusting and aligning your chain to full engine and gearbox rebuilds.

servicing, chain adjustment

Regular maintenance and attention to detail is key to ensuring your classics reliability with easy starting and smooth running making it a pleasure to ride.

Recutting gear dogs

We can also undertake more specialist work such as recutting worn gear dogs for a more positive gear selection.

Tig Welding Motorcycle Exhaust

As well as welding of stainless, mild steel and aluminium, we can provide machining, reboring, head skimming and ultrasonic cleaning for carburettors and other delicate parts.

Newly Lined Norton Fuel Tank

We can line your fuel tank with ethanol proof sealant after de-rusting and, if necessary, removing sealants such as old petseal which can not cope with the ethanol in modern fuels.

classic motorcycle electrical repair

Old wiring and electrical components can often be the cause of poor running and breakdowns. Here at SCR we understand the need for good electrics. Whatever the problem, we at SCR Classic Motorcycles are here to help. Give us a call to discuss your needs. All the ways to get in touch are on the "Contacts" page.

Call us on 01353 886488 or 07506 284460